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When I was kid, we lived in an old wood-sided house.  Well, it seemed old to me – but then I was only about 7 years old, so anything older than me was nearly ancient.  As is the case with older homes, eventually we had to repaint the siding.  I say “We” because that is how my parents phrased it.  First there was the scrapping…then sanding, painting, touching-up, cleaning brushes… every few years the process would have to be repeated.  Every few years I vowed to move out and live in a tent.  Bless the man who invented vinyl siding!

The point is that the paint was temporary, fading, surface.

No doubt you have found a “new” pair of pink underwear or socks in your drawer.  They look like your unmentionables – your size, your style – but clearly not your shade!  Apparently, someone’s new red shirt had magically found its way into the “whites” and added a bit of color.  It is amazing how much ‘influence’ a dyed garment can have on everything else it contacts.

The point here is, the dye is permanent, lasting and actually affects the things around it.

Substitute your self into the story.  A person that is painted with good works and external morality is quickly distracted by the business of life.  Like the siding on our house, the wind and weather chip away a layer at a time until the barren interior is exposing its flaws.  The dyed life is the one that can be stripped of convenience and necessity and still hold true the principles of their faith.  And at the same time, this person will allow their color-fastness to “rub off” on others – sharing enough color to make a difference.

So which one are you?

  • Are you painted with an appearance of goodness and morality?
  • Do you show up to church once a week or once a year to have a fresh coat of Religion applied?
  • Do you find that you “check your faith” at the door when you arrive at work?
  • Or do you positively influence those around you because you are a “dyed-in-the-wool” Christ-follower?
  • Do you process everything in your day through the filter of your faith?

The difference is seen in having a Relationship rather than a Religion.  In a relationship, I believe that we strive to emulate the very life the Jesus lived by getting to know Him (Philippians 2:5).  In a religion, we strive to imitate the words on a list of commands.   I also believe that there are many “painted Christians” in our communities.  They know the words and can sing the songs, but when the co-worker offers an invitation to that questionable activity, the paint peels and the course interior is exposed to the elements. May we all strive to be completely dyed in the color of Christ; leaving a mark of distinction that drives people back to a single theme – “There’s something different about that person that compels me …” (Luke 14:23)

Open Mic: Share your thoughts

  1. Have you been in a situation that where you allowed someone/something to strip away the your surface convictions?
  2. Is there someone that you admire that is completely dyed in their faith?  How do they show it?
– Michael G.
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