Perfect Weakness

Music Lessons

To me, he is still my little boy – my Buddy!!  He is a fiery little toe-head running around the backyard jousting with army men and soldiers (he always called them “Guys”); he is building sand castles that fight none-stop battles; he is reigning down vengeance upon an evil ant colony with a ball-peen hammer.  The fact that now he is a husband and father successfully pursuing his dreams doesn’t change the fact that he is MY Little Boy!!

Daddy’s Little Girl?  Always!!  She is not a day over Three!  She has her own language Continue reading

Power Under Control


Princess Bride” is a family favorite.  Any time I have to tell the kids to “Stop fighting…I mean it!”   You can be sure one of them will say, “Anyone want a peanut?”  (Those of you who have seen this movie are laughing right now.  Those who have not, are lost and wondering what’s wrong with me!  You need to see it.)

It would be too painful to “Princess Bride” aficionados for me to re-cap a scene from this movie, so suffice it to say that Fezzik (Andrea the Giant) is

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