Perfect Weakness

Music Lessons

To me, he is still my little boy – my Buddy!!  He is a fiery little toe-head running around the backyard jousting with army men and soldiers (he always called them “Guys”); he is building sand castles that fight none-stop battles; he is reigning down vengeance upon an evil ant colony with a ball-peen hammer.  The fact that now he is a husband and father successfully pursuing his dreams doesn’t change the fact that he is MY Little Boy!!

Daddy’s Little Girl?  Always!!  She is not a day over Three!  She has her own language Continue reading

God, Family, Country

Memorial Day, 4th of July and 9/11

These – along with many other solemn occasions – drive us back to our core, back to our roots, back to the values that define us.  Here is the simple question: What are you doing to pass your core values on to your children, grandchildren or other younger family members?



There is a custom growing  Continue reading

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