Nose Hairs

Warning:  This post was not approved or proofread by my wife.  I am no longer responsible for any strange feelings you may have after reading it.  If you feel the need to try to understand how my mind works – good luck!  I invite you to offer constructive comments at the end of the post…I will probably ignore them, but you have been warned.

In the mid 90’s, we moved away from our family in Michigan to a very strange place called “Wisconsin“. This whole new world of fried cheese curds and Brat Fests  was exciting but the rabid Packer Fans made us nervous and often homesick. For the first several years, as we adjusted to being so far from family, we would make frequent trips back home.  The 8 hour trek through Chicagoland and then on through to the eastern side of Michigan would often begin at the end of the day.  Once the sun set, my wife and kids would soon fall asleep and I would be left “alone” to navigate through endless toll booths and dark highways.

Driving in the wee hours of the night, the mind and the body come together to do crazy things Continue reading

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