Sight Unseen

Hidden Deer

I really enjoy hunting! Deer, turkey, pheasant, small game…anything to get out into the woods – away from the things of man!!! I’m not very good at it; I just enjoy it.  The truth is, my wife would be a better hunter. She can go for a 3 mile run on a busy city street and see a half a dozen deer, a family of pheasant and stray chicken! I go sit in the woods for 15 hours and only see 2 squirrels fighting over a big nut (yes, I mean me!)

There is one experience that I remember very clearly. It was a frosty November morning in southern Wisconsin and I had settled into my deer blind at about 5:30am. Nothing is awake at that hour – including me!  My multiple layers of flannel and Continue reading

Rubber Band Man

RubberBand Ball

A rubber band is worthless until it is stretched.  As it turns out, so are we!


If life was always sunshine and roses, we’d already be in heaven – or Hawaii!  But the truth is, we all face the challenges of disappointment, regret and frustration.  It is because of these experiences that we develop an ability to be used by our Creator.  We’ve all heard the Potter and the clay analogy – and it is good!  But the truth is, I get tired of always being the clay!  I want simple problems and easy decisions.  Continue reading

Chicken or Egg

Finally, that’s settled!

This week’s discussion is How Does Your Faith Affect Your Personality? Bonnie Gray is hosting a blog-and-comment discussion on “keeping faith fresh.” When you have finished reading here, hop over to Faith Barista and join in on the jam session!

Ignoring the dictionary, which came first?  Chicken or Egg?  For one who takes Genesis literally, this one is easy – Chicken.  With this in mind, I thought the question may be read backwards for this Jam Session.  It might have read “How does your personality affect your faith?” After all, outgoing personalities will likely Continue reading

Bananas & Oranges


Bananas are an amazing fruit!  They come with their own handle and are naturally appealing.  They truly are one of my favorite fruits.  They are tasty when they are bright yellow and make great bread when they are black and disgusting.  But one of their best features is the fact that bananas produce great belches!  (Yes!  I really said ‘Belch’ – No!  My wife didn’t proofread this post…quite possibly a serious strategic error!) Continue reading

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