Duck, Duck, Goose

I always loved this game.  Sitting in a circle waiting to be ‘goosed’; chasing the ‘goose-ee’; picking the next ‘goose’…good times! 

As adults, I think we still play this game but with a much different level of anticipation and enjoyment.  We either chase after something we can’t catch or feel we are chased by something that threatens to overwhelm us.  In the end, we are left feeling suffocated, unfulfilled, or in constant turmoil.  Life was supposed to be good, fun and peaceful…Peaceful – what does that mean?  Full of peace?  A life without conflict?  Day after day of calm relaxation?

Proverbs tells us to “go to the ant” (6:6) to learn some lessons.  Well, we are going to the birds! Continue reading

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