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Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Michael Grinnell  and I have been happily married since 1987 to Debbie, my college sweetheart.  We have two wonderful children, Michael & Megan.   We live in the Charlotte, NC area.  

I don’t claim to be a scholar but being a Son of a Preacher (it’s not a profanity), I have been blessed to have great Christian models that consistently emphasized a strong Biblical foundation for life.  These concepts define me and have helped to shape my worldview.  Couple this with a staunch conservative bent, and you have a recipe for lots of controversial content.

I understand that just because someone writes a blog doesn’t mean they have anything of interest or value to say.  But there are times when issues or thoughts burn within me and I have looked for a venue in which to express these “burnings”.  Normally, my wife and children must bear the weight of my ramblings, at which time they lovingly smile…nod in my general direction and go on their way.  Now I have the opportunity to turn up the volume a little and engage you with these thoughts and mutterings – if it strikes a nerve, you can respond with a similar smile and nod and perhaps…a comment or two.  I would also invite you to Follow my blog and share it with others.

Thanks for dropping by and allowing me to Turn Up the Mike Mic!

-Michael G.

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