Anniversary of Pain

Anniversary of Pain

The withered dreams of a lost tomorrow
Still haunt the dark of the night
Threads of memory replay each sorrow
Breathing life into squandered spite

If Time’s a Healer and mends the heart
Why do the winds still send rain?
Sights and sounds send a fiery dart
And make this an Anniversary of Pain

A new kind of normal describes every thought
The dark of night reveals some gray
Fond memories are elusive when they are sought
They grow fuzzy and hard to display

Yet each passing season carries some salt
That’s sprinkled without any gain.
An innocent word unlocks the vault
Introducing another Anniversary of Pain.

Lessons are promised from moments of loss
But patience is really the word
Waiting for answers removes the dross
The voice of healing is heard

The cut or the wound is never the same
A scar is always the gain
The raised tender mark will disfigure and maim
And be a reminder of the Anniversary of Pain

Years slowly pass; the scar becomes callous
A smile comes more often than tears
Memories turn sweet, free of the malice
Joy has defeated most fears

Sharing the wound with the hurt of another
Will cause us to stretch and to strain
Maybe its the lesson – to give to our brother
And be thankful for the Anniversary of Pain

– Michael G

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  • Has a loss or pain allowed you to grow or help someone in need?
-Michael G
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